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11 May, 2023

How Will the Biometric Device Reshape the Future of Small Businesses?

Businesses opt for numerous digital methods to securely store sensitive information in the technology-driven world. But, when a business chooses the digital route to secure business data, the cost of securing this sensitive information may burden the company. So, how can you determine if your small business or startup can afford a foolproof security option where you can store all business data safely and securely? In these circumstances, the fingerprint device is an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes to secure business data on a digital platform, safely, in real time.

Now, we understand that small businesses and startups probably will not have a lot of sensitive data that needs to be secured. Nevertheless, operational information like employee data, attendance, payroll, etc. should be stored properly. Using fingerprint biometric devices is an affordable option that offers top-notch security. The device offers numerous benefits, like enhancing user efficiency, occupying less space, reducing the task of remembering long and complex passwords, and easing the IT departments from the chores of remembering complicated passwords.

Let us understand how a fingerprint device helps a company with managing employee information.

What is a Fingerprint Device?

A computerized fingerprint biometric device system tracks the records of time and attendance of employees. The fingerprint-based technology will evaluate employees’ fingerprints to authorize their identification with the database and confirm their workplace attendance. The fingerprint device maintains a record of employees’ time and productivity, and, based on that, calculates payroll and management reports.

The system will work in order of when employees enter their fingerprints, and the system will compare them to stored fingerprints in its database. If the sample matches the database, the employees are allowed to enter the office premises.

Key Stats on The Fingerprint Biometric Device

  1. Increasing demands for tracking employee efficiency and productivity drive the adoption of fingerprint devices in attendance tracking.
  2. According to an analysis done by, the global time-tracking software value was $2.45 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.50% from 2022 to 2027 and reach $4.16 billion by 2027.
  3. With the extensive adoption of the fingerprint biometric devicein law enforcement and the government sector, the demand for biometric sensors and attendance tracking systems has increased.
  4. Among other time tracking software, the fingerprint deviceis the top choice of organizations.

Benefits of Installing a Fingerprint Biometric Device in Startups and Small Businesses

There are numerous advantages to identifying a person by simply pressing their fingerprint into the database. So, here are a few of the prominent benefits of using a fingerprint device for identity management in small businesses:

Easy Accessibility

If employees forget the office door password, they might need to contact the management, which will allow them in. But you always have your biometric identifier wherever you go, which in this case is your fingerprint. This makes it simpler and easier for you to access your workplace. Also, the fingerprint device removes the struggle of memorizing complex passwords.

Fingerprint scanning offers a quick authentication process and is also beneficial in tracking timesheets rather than manually signing a logbook.

Strong Identification Tool

Fingerprint scanning technology provides an accurate way of identifying employees because each fingerprint is unique in itself. Thus, it makes it extremely difficult for anyone to forge someone else’s identity. Compared to passwords, it is easy to forge other employees’ codes and enter the workplace. By seeing this, the fingerprint biometric device seems an exciting development for keeping the workplace secure, especially in the digital world.

Improved Security

Due to the fear of stolen and duplicate keys, numerous organizations are looking for multiple authentication processes to manage workplace access systems. This way, they can make it difficult for trespassers to enter restricted areas. The fingerprint device has the unique property that using them for access control system will help improve the security in the building.

The fingerprint device can use other verification methods like an access card or PIN to upgrade the security measure you have in place. Moreover, fingerprints are hard to steal and duplicate. They cannot be exchanged with another person like a password or PIN. That is why fingerprint scans are used in the government sector, banks, healthcare, and many other places.


Since fingerprints are unique, they are not only used for attendance marking and access control, but they can also be useful in the identification and verification of any activity. Each employee can be tracked and held accountable for any minor or major incident in the office. In the case of security incidents, the culprits can be easily identified.

Cost – Effectiveness

A fingerprint biometric device reduces the risk of break-ins, burglaries, and thefts. The benefits of using this software to protect sensitive assets like cash and office assets outweigh the cost. Besides this, fingerprint software can be linked to the HR system, and this can reduce the cost of hiring employees more than required.

How does a Fingerprint Device Track Accurate Attendance?

Biometric attendance systems use fingerprints to enable employees to enter and leave their offices. Each employees’ fingerprints are scanned, then mapped using different system coordinates. These coordinates are then plotted against a graph and stored by the system. Only then can the entry be counted if the coordinates of an employee are mapped and compared with the previous image.

One of the most remarkable things about fingerprint biometric device is that each fingerprint has its unique coordinates. This makes it almost impossible to duplicate a print.


Fingerprint recognition is a digital innovation that offers convenience and security, especially for early adopters. You can use a fingerprint device in your company today if you are interested in its benefits. It can be used in many ways, including access control, tracking employee attendance, and protecting your establishment from trespassers by using unique fingerprints.

These fingerprint recognition readers are easy to use and cost-effective over the long term. They can operate with access cards and passcodes to enhance security.

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