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7 Apr, 2023

How Biometric Attendance System are beneficial to SMEs?

According to research done by Forbes, nine out of ten startup businesses fail in the first year of their operation. This data demonstrates how vulnerable the startup and small business situation is regarding constancy and stability. There are numerous prominent reasons why startups fail to mark their step in the world of business, like unlimited liabilities, lack of finance, etc. But, one of the most significant reasons is ignorance of employee productivity and avoidance of using a biometric attendance system.

Productivity is hard to measure without proper tools and strategies. Small business owners usually do not have the time or resources to track their companies’ actual efficiency and hence, they start losing control of their organization. Seeing this situation, various startups have started using a biometric attendance software system from the beginning of their business journey to support their staff and keep an eye on their productivity.

This article will give you fundamental but clear idea as to why small businesses and startups benefit from biometric attendance software and how this technology addresses employee attendance issues.

Reasons to Use a Biometric Attendance System in A Startup Business

Attendance and leave tracking management is essential not only for the business but also for employees. Small businesses focus more on business enhancement and growth in their starting days, so investing in a biometric attendance system software to handle other operations is a sensible move.

Some of the prominent reasons are:

Lower Attrition Rates

Increases in employee turnover will demonstrate negative practices in the organization. Small business owners cannot understand this situation if they still use manual or outdated technology to manage employee attendance. An efficient system like the biometric attendance system software will offer you detailed reports in your hands before it becomes too late for the organization to retain its employees.

The leave pattern of employees and the absenteeism trend reveal the nature of scheduled leaves taken by a specific department. It gives the department head clarity on resolving this issue as early as possible and winning back its employees. The attrition rate in any business will impact its productivity.

Increased Discipline

Once a startup transforms into a small business, it is crucial to have some differentiating criteria for the business to explore and flourish. Workplace culture and ethics must be created and enhanced with new disciplines and office code flare. While ensuring your employee performance is tracked, the biometric attendance system software makes employee performance transparent and holds them accountable for the work done by them. The software informs organizations that employees are attentive and disciplined regarding their work. Practicing these norms can change your business and help it become a disciplined organization.

Accurate Work Hours Tracking and Optimized Time Billing

If the employees have too much work on their table, they go for overtime, and the employers are expected to offer them excellent compensation for their extra dedication. However, as an employer, you also need to ensure that employees receive payment according to their work execution. For that, you can use the biometric attendance software that will help monitor and track overtime working hours and create correct overtime billings.

The tracking software also plays a considerable role when small companies hire a freelancer for a specific period. The usage of software enables them to calculate working hours and bills accordingly.

Reduced Time Theft

This is an essential benefit of the biometric attendance system software. The devastating impact that time theft can have should not be underestimated. Even though your employees are honest and upright, there will be instances of accidental theft.

While some people are more open-minded than others, it is essential to be able to identify and stop intentional timesheet fraud. Preventing malicious time theft will save you money and help shape your company’s culture by showing that there are consequences. This will discourage others from doing the same.

Heightened Sense of Accountability

All your employees’ activities are tracked via the biometric attendance system software you purchased for your company. This will allow them to be held accountable for their actions. Although the software is not micromanaging employees, it does track if they are at risk of official vulnerability.

Employees can chat with their friends or while away time surfing the internet during work hours without the fear of being monitored. However, an intelligent time-tracking program can stop them from doing this. It helps every employee to be accountable.

Accurate Predictions & Benchmarking

Nowadays, before initiating any project, companies set their goals and deadlines to finish projects within a limited time frame. This is done because employers know about employee productivity and accordingly set their expectations. But all these predictions can become baseless without actual records in hand. Therefore, making accurate predictions using a biometric attendance software is a better option.

The software will help the employer to set an expected deadline to complete a task based in work and employee absence patterns. Along with that, you get clarity on whether the set goal is achievable. Furthermore, the time-tracking software enables companies to evaluate records and set new benchmarks accordingly. Overall, it helps in companies’ growth and development.

Enhanced Workplace Mobility

After the pandemic, remote work culture has become common. Even the companies acknowledge its benefits, and the employees are no longer obligated to work within assigned cubicles to fulfill their responsibilities. This work-from-home culture is especially beneficial for startup businesses because they do not require hiring a specific person to evaluate the work. Instead, they can use the biometric attendance system software, and this software allows them to complete their duties correctly.

Motivation To Keep Up the Good Work

Your biometric attendance software can show you how your employees are performing. This will encourage them to be more productive. It is fascinating to see numbers and stats indicating work patterns and efficiency.

Employees can see the time-tracking software on their devices while working. The Time Recorder will remind employees how long they have worked for and display their productivity percentage. These stats can motivate them to work harder and for more extended periods.

Increased Transparency at the Workplace

Transparency has always been an issue in the modern workplace due to corruption and malpractices. But a biometric attendance software can control this issue in a professional capacity. The features available in the tracking system put everything in question, and people are liable to answer to it. Therefore, you can find the source of the lapse, and you can make your workplace transparent like a mirror.


Business owners have more control over their large businesses’ culture and work ethic. But time tracker helps startups, small businesses, and virtual teams to track their productivity and regulate business operations.

If you own a small business or plan to start a business, a biometric attendance system software can help you scale faster and in a systemized manner. In this competitive environment, a time-tracking software is highly recommended for businesses. This would allow you to increase productivity, create a long-lasting work culture, and stay up-to-date with everything happening in your company.